Crossview Community Church

7 Reasons to Attend a Marriage Series @ CrossView

Posted on: February 7th, 2015 by Danny Echols

1. Marriage paints a picture between Christ and the Church which is our relationship with JESUS!

2. One day you might get  married.

3.  It will teach you what to look FOR in a potential spouse.

4. Everybody has relationships, and the values you will learn from God’s word will speak into every relationship!

5. I’m  Divorced is not an excuse! Divorce is painful and God wants to bring hope,  healing, and YOU through the pain, His desire is not for you to wallow in it, but to walk you through it!

6. You’re not too old! The Godly principles you will learn will prepare you to minister to others who have challenges in marriage!

7. We are “GOOD” with just living together! Why don’t you come see how God can turn what you call “GOOD” into something “GREAT” Through Holy Matrimony?

Don’t miss it!!! No Excuses!!!

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