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Posted on: April 11th, 2016 by Danny Echols


Luke 14: 18-24

“Our small group contest isn’t fair”, complained Caleb one Saturday morning. “It’s called ‘Fishing for Jesus,’ and we’re supposed to bring visitors. But my friends already have small groups they go to, so I don’t have anybody to invite. The prize is a fishing rod. I sure could use that!”

“Hmm,”, Dad looked thoughtful. “Speaking of fishing, want to go?”

“Yes!,” yelled Caleb.

“I’ll get my fishing gear,” said Dad. “Meet me out in the backyard.”

When Caleb ran out of the back door a little later, he stopped and stared. Dad was sitting in a lawn chair, holding his fishing rod. The hook lay on the grass. “What are you doing?” asked Caleb.

“Fishing. Shh! Don’t scare them away,” Dad whispered.

“Fishing?!” exclaimed Caleb. “There aren’t any fish here. C’mon, Dad let’s go where the fish are.”

Dad grinned. “Great idea.” He reeled in his line and got up. “Good thing I wasn’t trying to catch the most fish for a contest,” he observed. “I would’ve lost. Let’s go to Peerson’s Lake. That’s where the fish are.”

As Caleb and Dad got into the truck, Caleb spoke. “I know what you’re saying, Dad. You’re telling me to go where the ‘fish’ are for my contest too.”

Dad nodded. “I think you’ll find they’re not far away.”

“Yeah,” said Caleb. “That new kid down the street might come. And I could ask some guys at school. I’ll make some phone calls when we get home.”

HOW ABOUT YOU: Do all your friends already know about Jesus? It’s wonderful if they do, but don’t take it for granted. Talk to them about the Lord. And don’t limit your witness just to those you know best. Jesus wants you to bring others to Him. Look around. You probably won’t have to go too far to be a fisherman for Jesus. H.W.M

TO MEMORIZE: Come, be my disciples, and I will show you how to fish for people! Mark 1:17

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