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Growing People Change

Posted on: April 12th, 2016 by Danny Echols


Luke 6:36-38

Lori hung up the phone. “I wish I hadn’t invited Kathleen over. She’s in one of her moods.”

“Maybe you can cheer her up,” Mom suggested. “She’s a new Christian in a family of unbelievers you know.”

“I get tired of trying to cheer her up,” complained Lori.

Later that evening, the girls came into the kitchen. “Look, Mother,” said Lori, pointing to Kathleen’s feet. “Kathleen has new shoes exactly like mine.”

“You must think alike,” Mother said, smiling.

The girls had a great time together. The next morning Lori asked if she could go home with Kathleen after school.

“Yes,” Mother answered. “Dad can pick you up on his way home from work.”

That evening when Lori came in, she plopped down on the couch. ” It’s so depressing at Kathleen’s. Her dad was in a bad mood, little Pete was crying, and her mom was at work.” Lori took off her shoes and rubbed her heel. “And my feet hurt. These new shoes rubbed a blister on my heel.”

Mother looked inside Lori’s shoe. “I thought you wore a size six. This is a size five an a half.” No wonder my feet were hurting!” Lori laughed. “Kathleen must have worn my shoes all day and I wore hers.”

“An Indian proverb says, ‘Never judge  a man until you have walked a mile in his moccasins,” Mother said. “I guess you just walked in Kathleen’s.”

Lori nodded. “I’m going to stop criticizing her and pray for her instead.” Lori stood up. “And I’m going to call her and see how she liked walking in my shoes.”

HOW ABOUT YOU? Are you too quick to criticize others when you do not understand their behavior? Perhaps you need to “walk a mile in their shoes” for a while. Try to understand their circumstances better. And don’t judge them; pray for them. B.J.W.

TO MEMORIZE: Don’t speak evil against each other, my dead brothers and sisters. James 4:11

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