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5 Reasons to Serve

Posted on: November 20th, 2014 by Danny Echols



5 Reasons to serve at CrossView?

Reason #1 – So we can be a doer not just a listener.

In James 1:22 the scriptures tell us to not just listen to the word but to do what it says. We need to take action and serve as Jesus would serve. The trait of a great leader is one who will lead by serving. As James writes if we don’t do what the word says we are like someone who looks in a mirror and forgets what we saw as soon as we turn away. Think about how easy it is to forget about serving and putting others first when we are so focused on ourselves.

Reason #2 – So you will be blessed.

Isn’t it funny how good it makes you feel to help someone. I can think of times I have been mad over a situation and a serving opportunity arises and before I realize it I am no longer mad or focused on my situation. I can also think of times where I missed the blessing because I was too focused on my own situation.

Reason #3 – So you can bless others.

You never know what people are dealing with so when an opportunity comes around to serve someone we never know the impact it will have on them.

Reason #4 – To Lead by example

When you have the opportunity to serve joyfully and without recognition it is an example to your family and others God has placed around.

Reason #5 – To Bless Your Church

I don’t think I have ever heard a pastor say he has too many volunteers. On the contrary, having enough volunteers is probably something pastors struggle with on a continual basis. How to motivate people to serving and to not serve out of guilt but out of their love and relationship with Jesus. God has gifted us all differently and each of our gifts can be used within the church.

If you would like to get connected with a ministry team where you can serve email .


This past Sunday Mandy greeted families with a smile as they came in from the parking lot during the 9:30 service, then she saw the need to help check children into Kidsview for the 11:00 service so she stepped in to help. Thank you Mandy for being willing to help out and then worship during the 5:30 service!




10 Reasons I want to see OUR Church Grow

Posted on: October 2nd, 2014 by Danny Echols

#1. Found People, Find People

The church grows as disciples make disciples.

John 1:41 says, The first thing Andrew did was to FIND his brother Simon (Peter) and tell him, “We have found the Messiah” (That is the Christ) and he BROUGHT him to JESUS.

That’s why we value the invite at CrossView. Because the REALITY is Inviting someone to church is inviting them to be touched by JESUS. Inviting them to walk closer to JESUS, and BE changed by JESUS!” Most of us came to know JESUS personally because someone invited us to church and we heard about JESUS!

We will always invite people to meet JESUS at CrossView.

Our messages will be intentionally bent towards those who are far from God.

We should always Celebrate Life Change because whatever is Celebrated is repeated.

#2. Children grow up! Our teenagers need JESUS!

#3. Families need to be restored.

#4. The world needs JESUS!

#5. Eternity is a reality

#6. Growing people change!

Growth always cost something but the price you pay for growth is far less than the cost of not growing! Proverbs 4:7 says wisdom is supreme; therefore get wisdom, though it cost all you have, get understanding.

#7. Saved people; Serve people

When people are not serving they are not growing! Involvement is not attendance, Involvement is serving. We become more like JESUS when we are serving, and when we become more like JESUS people change. Matthew 20:28

Just like the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many. God wants to use you greatly and greatness starts with serving! No matter who you are, God is not done with you! He wants to use you to serve and change the world! We are all called to Greatness! In Matthew 23:11 (JESUS says, The greatest among you will be your servant.)

#8. Love is more than just a word.

#9. You can’t out give God!

#10. We are not meant to do life alone.


Posted on: September 24th, 2014 by Danny Echols



Imagine just for a second you have decided to give JESUS  a shot to see if He can really change your life. In today’s culture what avenue would you pursue?


First, many people would go online to see what other people are saying about JESUS.


Second, people would find who is offering JESUS in their community. AKA – The Churches


Third, they would visit a church websites who offered JESUS and begin to investigate and research what to do.


Fourth, they would watch a video online from a church website to see if they would fit into the culture of this community.


  • What do I wear?
  • Would I fit in?
  • What about my kids?
  • Where do I go?

Fifth, they would plan to visit. They would research directions and service times.


Sixth, they would nervously get in their car not sure where to go or what to expect? Hoping they follow the directions of where they need to go.


Seventh, they would wonder:


  • Where should I park?
  • What do I do with my kids?
  • Where are the bathrooms?
  • How can I escape if things get weird?
  • Where do I sit?


That is just a few of the questions they will ask themselves. So you can see how it can be overwhelming as a guest at a church that offers JESUS!


This week families will go through this overwhelming process.


Let me take it a step further.

Now imagine for a second being a single mother, with an infant in a car seat, and a 4 year old pulling on you. Knowing where to park, getting them out of the car, knowing where to go to check them in, and where you are to go! You have a diaper bag, stroller, purse, toys to bribe your 4 year old to not act out if they have to sit in the service with you for an hour. You are already at your wits end but you go through the process anyways because you need the hope and a future people claim JESUS gives. So you get to the nursery, have to unload your arms to open the door, you fight with the stroller to get through the door, you fill out paperwork to check in your child while your 4 year old is trying to pull down your pants or use you as a ladder because you put them down for a second. You then get your security sticker and trust strangers with your child. You leave your crying infant behind to now check in your preschooler. They fight not to go to class but you insist because you need life change!


You finally make it to the worship center, listen to a message and wonder the whole time how your kids are holding up! You exit the service at the end hoping for a much better departure. So you check out your kids, gather your bags, and pack everyone back in the car. You look in the review mirror and reflect on what just happened. Was it worth it? Did it offer what you were searching for? Do I feel more frustrated or more hopeful? Will I come back? What value did this add to my life?


Here’s the point I’m driving home:  every week some one shows up just like this young lady with a similar story maybe less kids maybe more. Maybe it’s a guy or even a student. They are saying to themselves, I’m giving God and His church one last shot to see if this God thing is all people say it is. The least we can do is the following:


  1. 1. Be intentional about parking them
  2. 2. Help them get out of the car if necessary or help them with their things.
  3. 3. Help them find their way to check in their kids.
  4. 4. Hold a door for them as they arrive and when they exit.
  5. 5. Check them in with love and a smiling face.
  6. 6. Comfort their insecurities about checking in their kids.
  7. 7. Keeping a clean and safe environment for all.
  8. 8. Welcome them, engage them, and get to know them. Give them directions: worship center, bathroom etc…
  9. 9. Answer questions they have about the church.
  10. 10. Offer JESUS!


At the end of the day How we LOVE people as they are coming and going is the powerful sermon before the sermon!


Without LOVE we are a resounding gong and a clanging cymbal. The truth is If people are ever going to accept God’s love through JESUS it starts in the parking lot. It is demonstrated by our parking attendants, greeters, ushers, check in staff, coffee servers, Next Steps Volunteers and our DOOR HOLDERS!


So if you are not serving anywhere show up 30 minutes before service, stay 15 minutes after service, and HOLD a DOOR. Say welcome to CrossView and show the love of JESUS with a smile!! You never know you may be the very reason someone comes to know JESUS this Sunday!


HIS-Story Maker

Posted on: November 14th, 2013 by Danny Echols

Are you ready to see God make History and allow us to be a part of His story of reaching Polk County? I am, and to be quiet honest I’ve been praying audaciously for the last 10 years that God would use us in a great way to impact this community for the Glory of God!  Heres what I know: Rockmart is full of people that know of Jesus Christ, but many people live daily in our community with very little faith, and very little hope, and settle for just getting by. I call it “Depressed Christianity” and the reason I call it that is because most people will tell you that they know God has a Greater plan for their lives, and even if they fail to embrace it for themselves! Our vision is to move people from this depressed Christianity to Hope filled Christianity where Jesus promises us a full life in John 10:10. So in the process of praying about what God was calling us to do we began to ask the question: What would it look like for our community to be in awe and perplexed by what God was doing, Like in the book of Acts? and as we prayed God began to reveal to us that he was a history maker! Over and over again in scripture Jesus did things that had never been done before! AS a matter of fact the Birth of Christ alone split our timeline and history was made. So as a church we want to demonstrate what it looks like to have Great faith in a Great God. So in light of trusting God with something Greater we have been praying that God would use us as a church to be apart of making history in Rockmart Georgia by reaching 1000 people by March 23rd and seeing 100 people saved in one day! Heres a few things we need to embrace as a church.


1 – Commission over Comfort! That means be willing to get uncomfortable and invite people to come to church with you.  God has commanded us all as believers to make disciples!


2 – Pursue and Prayer over Pester! Don’t pester people about how they are going to go to hell if they don’t come to Cross View, and guilt them into coming because chances are they will come to get you off their back, but then find an excuse to never come back. But pursue them with love, and pray that God would use you to invest in their life and they couldn’t refuse joining that kind of community.


3 – “All In” over “Kinda” We want to see everyone of our people fully trust God to do amazing things, and if we are fully confident in who Jesus is and what he is capable of doing than we should be all in. That means that we connect every week that we can by coming to church but all in means we don’t just come alone we bring someone with us! Some are even loading up there vans picking up people all over the community. And we love people like Jesus when they are here. We want them to love it so much they come back next week and that they would want to bring a friend.



“Can You Hear Me Now?”

Posted on: August 29th, 2013 by Danny Echols

Psalms 116:1-2 I love the Lord because he hears my voice and my prayer for mercy. Because he bends down to listen, I will pray as long as I have breath! (NLT)

Have you ever been in the middle of an important conversation while driving down the road and the next thing you know the signal of your cell phone is lost and you find yourself talking but no one is listening? Or Maybe your talking to someone and you can tell their mind is somewhere other than your conversation?

So many times we take the things of bad situations of this world, and we allow them to mess up our view of God!

David in Psalms 116 had the right view of God. Let me point out a few things about THE LORD.

NO DROP CALLS; scripture says He hears my voice. Meaning he doesn’t miss a thing. I don’t know about you but for me sometimes I feel like God is not listening to me, but because I know scripture is true it redirects my heart to the right view of God. That He never gets tired of listening to everything I have to say.

Here’s some questions; As you follow Jesus are you becoming more of a listener? OR Do the people in you life say your always ignoring people?

In Verse 2 Scripture shows us that “God bends down to listen..”

So not only does God hear us talk to him, but he also bends down eye to eye with us as a loving father to a child to say “I’m interested in what you have to say.””I’m present and not walking while your talking, and I’m not to busy to listen!”

God wants to show you HIS LOVE, and we will experience it as we pursue HIM with our words because HE care enough to LISTEN!

What about us?

Have you ever tried to have an important conversation with someone that is so busy doing everything else or running around the house that you feel like they don’t care?

Bending down is posturing yourself to show you care. That means showing the people in your life that your willing to take the time to listen because you care what they care about.

Here’s the Challenge;

#1 Focus on the conversations you have today; Listen with intensity because in the midst of your patience Your life begins to point others to Jesus and His Mercy just by the way you LISTEN.

#2 Pay attention; Don’t just walk and talk, ride and talk, work and talk, but turn off your cell phone, get off of Facebook, let someone else play candy crush, sit down and have some eye to eye conversations, because the truth is when your eye to eye your also heart to heart and it shows that you care.

The Final Thought; God is always open for a heart to heart conversation. He will listen to every last word, because He does care about everything you are dealing with.  The LORD LOVES you, and LISTENS to You! So we CANNOT forget  that we show HIS LOVE to others and point them to JESUS when we LISTEN!