Crossview Community Church



Connect personally with God through a personal relationship with Jesus.

To learn more about salvation click here    To learn more about baptism click here

Connect corporately with God weekly by attending our CrossView worship services.

Connect missionally with God by helping other people connect with God.



Grow personally with God by reading the Bible daily.   Learn More

Grow corporately with God by participating in a small group which CrossView calls Growth Groups.  Learn More

Grow missionally with God by leading a Growth Group.  Learn More



Serve God personally by taking care of your family at home.

Serve God corporately by serving during one worship service at CrossView on Sundays.

Serve God missionally by serving somewhere locally (Storehouse Food Pantry), nationally, or internationally.



Share God personally by being generous with the people in your life.

Share corporately by supporting CrossView’s vision financially.  Learn More

Share missionally by sharing with other people the changes God has made in your life.